Carlos Gris is an award-winning designer:

“I joined King’s in 1991 when I was 6 years old and I was there until I was 9. I then left for a horrible boarding school and came back to King’s when I was 13 (1998) and stayed until I had completed by GCSEs in 2001.

“I studied Architecture at Kingston University London and then did a Masters in Design. I graduated in 2008 and worked on sets in the BBC and also a James Bond set! I worked my way up to Creative Director level in London and at UAE agencies, and decided to establish my own design studio in 2014.

“Today, I run a small design studio in Tunbridge Wells, south of London. I have high profile clients in the Middle East and also projects around the UK. I am currently designing a health spa, a Greek restaurant, installations for a large UK town centre and a few houses also! I am also designing a large-scale festival event but unfortunately I have an ‘NDA’ that restricts me from sharing too much information about that!

“My childhood involved lots of travelling and moving around, but King’s was where I spent most of my school years. I remember every teacher very well and they all had such a positive impact – from Acremont Pre-Prep all the way up to Senior School. Mrs Cooper, Mrs Bamforth, Mr Ovens, Mrs Seekings and even the very strict Mrs Breer – they all had a lasting and positive impact on me. Whilst I did go to a few different schools, the friends I made at King’s remain my best friends to this day – a group of seven boys that all went in completely different directions but still remain so close. Mr Boothroyd occupied a lot of my time as I loved playing rugby for King’s – he was firm but inspiring.

“The way that King’s is arranged around Ely makes it so special. Small, clustered buildings (talking like an architect now!) that are spread throughout the small city. The school buildings are very quaint and some are connected to the Cathedral. Each department is in a different cluster of buildings which were probably once domestic houses. The whole school feels like a home away from home. Whilst the facilities are great, there is a real dip into history. Barton Square in the centre of the school becomes a cross point where everyone meets – the square holds a special place in my heart and my study room in Wilkinson House looked over this lovely patch of grass.

“I would be lost in this world if it wasn’t for the friends I made at King’s. I would like to name them individually – Nicky, Jonesy, Cooper, Joey, Timmy, Nurse and Toby as an honorary member.”

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