CONGRATULATIONS to Old Eleans, Maria Campbell and India Thomas, for conquering the TCS London Marathon yesterday (October 2nd)!

India, 20, crossed the finish line in 3 hours, 50 minutes and 51 seconds. Maria, 21, completed the 26.2-mile course in 4 hours and 28 minutes.

The intrepid pair are both in their final year at the University of Exeter; Maria is studying Modern Languages and India is studying International Relations.

This was their first ever marathon. Maria has raised £1,300 for Cancer Research UK so far and India has raised £1,955 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Speaking today, Maria said: “Yesterday was much better than I thought it would be! The crowds really carried me through and everyone’s kindness was really lovely. The last two or three miles were challenging but the feeling of the 4:30 pacers coming up behind me spurred me on! I really did enjoy almost every second, but I think I might stick to half marathon races for the time being!”

India, who has already entered the ballot for next year’s London Marathon, said: “I loved it and I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it! The atmosphere was incredible and cheers from the crowds definitely carried me towards the end. Going into it, I thought the greatest challenge would be getting the nutrition right, but I hit the nail on the head with that. During the race itself, the greatest challenge was definitely the final couple of miles on the embankment which seemed never ending. I have already entered the ballot for next year’s marathon and I am also looking into the Abbott World Marathon. I am incredibly happy and thankful to everyone who has donated to such an amazing charity.”

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Congratulations also to Jonathan Shaw, Head of King’s Ely Senior, and Andrew Wallis, our Health and Safety Co-ordinator, who both took on this year’s London Marathon too. Mr Wallis crossed the finish line in 3 hours, 40 minutes and 44 seconds. Mr Shaw completed the course in 3 hours, 41 minutes and 22 seconds!

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