In which year group did you join King’s?

I joined King’s Ely Sixth Form in Year 12.

What A-Level grades did you achieve?

Textiles – A*, Fine Art – A, English Literature – B

What University/Institution are you going to and what will you be studying?

I am going to Loughborough University to study Textile Design.

Are you going to University this year, or are you taking a gap year?

I am going straight to University this year.

What career path do you plan on pursuing?

I am not entirely sure at the moment, but definitely a career in the Arts.

What else did you participate in during your time at King’s?

I was the Creative Editor of The KEStrel for a year-and-a-half. This is the school’s student-run magazine, which covers events such as socials, Science Week, and contemporary world celebrations like Pride Month, Black History Month, and Mental Health Awareness Month.

I was also part of King’s Unity Group, which focuses on making the school community as inclusive as possible. The group organises assemblies, spreads awareness for minority groups, holds charity events, and organises events to educate others about the different holidays that different ethnicities celebrate! Overall, the group celebrates what makes us unique.

I also contributed to social events by creating poster designs for our Sixth Form gatherings, such as the end of year Midsummer Ball.

Do you feel that you have been well supported at King’s?

I was very well supported at King’s, both by my friends and my teachers. The sense of community at King’s is very strong. A day never went by where someone did not say hello to me or give me a smile. Although most of the students in my year group were at King’s for much longer than me, I always felt included and appreciated for my own talents. Similarly, with my teachers, I always felt like I could ask whatever question necessary and receive support until I fully understood the task. I think this is the main reason I enjoyed lessons and achieved good grades.

What will you miss most about King’s and what did you enjoy most during your time here?

I will miss the Art Department the most! I have never been surrounded by such high quality work and in such high volume as I was every time I entered the building. I loved how there were constant changing examples of everyone’s work, and it was just so inspiring and such an amazing opportunity to be able to create my own work amongst other people’s creations. I also think the fact that I was visually consuming such good work was reflected in the quality of mine.

In what ways do you think King’s is unique or special compared to other schools?

I think that King’s is special because of the school’s environment, both inside and outside of lessons. Walking into the Old Palace to study, and to do my English work in such a lovely atmosphere was such a privilege. To then walk through the Old Palace gardens and into the Art Block where I could carry out the rest of my work – it felt like I was studying in a Pinterest board!

Describe King’s in three words!

An unforgettable experience!

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