KING’S Ely Junior pupils, John Lau and James MacGillivray, and King’s Ely Senior students, Elliot Bord and Ben Collier, travelled to London on June 17th to compete in the prestigious UK Maths Team Challenge National Finals.

They were competing after they came second in the Regional Finals of the contest back in March. The National Finals took place at Lindley Hall, London and saw 88 teams battling it out.

Head of Mathematics at King’s Ely Senior, Audrienne Bezzina, said: “The day involved five rounds: creating a poster about compass and straightedge constructions; a shuttle round, which involved the team being split into two pairs and answering four questions where the answer to each subsequent question was dependent on the previous answer; a cross number round, similar to crosswords with numbers; a group round, in which the team worked together to solve eight mathematical problems; and a relay round, which involved running back and forth to get the next question – a race against the clock!

“The team had a fantastic day, coming 37th overall. We were very pleased with this result as this places King’s Ely in the top 2% nationally of the overall participating 1,732 schools.”

Congratulations to James, John, Ben and Elliot for getting to the National Finals and for their achievements on the day!

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