SIX King’s Ely students have won certificates in this year’s United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO)!

Fifteen of our Senior linguists took part in the national competition, bringing home two Bronze certificates, three Silver certificates and one Gold certificate.

Bronzes were achieved by Robert Barnwell and Thomas Alderton, Silvers were achieved by Lauren Booth, John Lau and Raphael Bisson, and the Gold was achieved by James MacGillivray, placing him in the top 5% of participants.

James competed in the second round of the UKLO competition yesterday (March 16th) and we should find out in the next couple of weeks whether he has secured a place to represent himself, the school and the UK in the International Linguistics Olympiad.

The UKLO is not just about languages and linguistics – students spend two-and-a-half hours trying to see patterns and solve problems about languages they do not necessarily know anything about, such as Avoiuli writing, Korowai, and Zuni language, to name just a few.

Congratulations to all our students for their efforts and achievements, and fingers crossed for the International round, James!

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