Our Year 4 King’s Ely Prep pupils are learning all about The Romans this term!

To enrich what the children are studying in their History lessons, our Year 4 classes visited St Albans Museums in Hertfordshire – namely the Verulamium Museum – which is filled with ancient treasures and some of the finest mosaics outside of the Mediterranean.

Pupils were able to explore the wonders of Roman life, immerse themselves in recreated Roman rooms, and admire the craftsmanship of the intricate large-scale mosaics on display. They also got to see recent discoveries such as the Sandridge Hoard, which is a collection of 159 Roman gold coins.

Our Year 4 Teaching Team said: “We admired ancient mosaics, saw the remains of hypocaust underfloor heating, learnt about a wide range of aspects of Ancient Roman life, and even handled some original artefacts. The children found out all about the ways Romans ate, drank, played, and even some of the unusual ways that they kept themselves clean! It was a fascinating trip and we would like to thank Mr Davies, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Markwell, and Miss Henry for accompanying us.”

Thank you to the team at St Albans Museums for making it such a fun and informative day!

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