Congratulations to King’s Ely students, James Allen and Polly Casey, for achieving their Associate of the Royal Schools of Music (ARSM) Diplomas!

James, who is in Year 10, has secured his ARSM Diploma on cello with distinction. Year 12 student, Polly, has achieved her ARSM Diploma on recorder with distinction.

The ARSM Diploma in Music Performance is for learners beyond Grade 8. It is an opportunity for students to create and present an extended programme of Music and demonstrate their performance skills.

James, who joined King’s Ely Prep in Year 3, said: “I enjoy the emotions that playing the cello gives me. The repertoire is so vast and consists of all kinds of pieces, each with a different meaning. I feel a great sense of pride having taken my ARSM, and I am looking forward to tackling other musical challenges in the future.”

James, who also sings and plays the piano, said: “I enjoy the variety of musical activities available here at King’s, whether it be singing in a group like the King’s Barbers or playing in the School Orchestra. At the moment, I am unsure what I wish to pursue career wise, however I am sure that whatever I decide to do, Music will always be a big part of my life.”

Polly first started playing the recorder when she was aged five. She also plays the French horn and she completed her ARSM on this instrument in 2022, again with distinction.

Polly joined King’s Ely Senior in Year 9 and is studying Music, History, Art and Design, and English Literature for her A-Levels. She said: “I really enjoyed the process of preparing my pieces for the ARSM, so I am pleased to have achieved a successful outcome. What I love most about the recorder is its versatility. The repertoire covers a wide range of periods, from baroque to modern. This makes it so much fun to play.”

When asked about the Music Department at King’s, Polly said: “Like everything at King’s, the Music Department caters for you as an individual. Whether your passion be composing, playing in an Orchestra, Musical Theatre or Jazz, there is always a group to get involved in. If there is not an activity for your interests, the staff are happy to help facilitate your musical passion in any way possible. I am not sure what I want to pursue as a career yet, but I hope that Music will remain a significant part of my life after King’s.”

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