KING’S Ely Junior’s inaugural ‘Eco Week’ was a phenomenal success.

Members of our Year 8 Eco Committee spearheaded the programme of activities on September 27th by delivering key stage assemblies to pupils and staff in the Morbey Hall. The students spoke eloquently about some of the changes we all could and should make, and they introduced King’s Ely Junior’s Litter Policy. From picking up litter to using the correct bin, ideas were voiced with passion.

Highlights during the week included Year 8 students accompanying their Year 3 buddies to carry out litter-picks around the Junior School grounds, and students in every year group planting a bee-friendly bulb outside the Hive area – aka the Learning Centre at King’s Ely Junior.

It is hoped that not only will these flowers look beautiful in the spring/summer, but that they will also create more habitat for bees to pollinate – something very close to the children’s hearts considering bee numbers are dwindling so quickly.

Olivia Petherick, who is a member of the Eco Committee, said: “Eco Week gave all our pupils a chance to make small changes which will make a big difference to their environment. It was such a fantastic success!”

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