King’s Ely Junior pupils got creative so that their concerns about climate change could be represented at COP27.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have supported the C, resulting in more than 200 postcards with individual designs and messages being sent to Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Oxfam says that the fact that climate change is also a human rights crisis, with implications for inequality and justice, is often overlooked. The charity launched the postcards initiative as a way for young people to call upon the negotiators to go the extra mile and agree a fair future for our world and its climate.

Alan Parkinson, Head of Geography at King’s Ely Junior, joined forces with colleagues, Helen Melville and Kathryn Sudbury, to make sure King’s Ely was represented in the campaign.

Mr Parkinson said: “The climate emergency will impact the lives of every student we teach to some degree. We each need to do all that we can, and as Geography Teachers, we can do more than many by ensuring our curriculum has lots of opportunities to explore the impacts of the climate emergency and the collective actions we need to promote and participate in.”

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