KING’S Ely Junior students were able to get closer to nature during their trips down to Ely’s River Great Ouse.

The outings saw both Year 3 and Year 4 pupils soaking up the autumn sunshine and reaping the benefits of learning in the great outdoors.

As part of their ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ topic, Year 4 pupils headed down to Ely’s Pocket Park to walk the Bulrush Trail. The children studied some of the local plant life on their journey and noticed how the area had been changed over the years. They were also lucky enough to spot some coots, swans and Great Crested Grebe on the river.

Year 3 pupils headed down to the water’s edge to learn more about their local river. The children had lots of opportunities to observe some of the inhabitants of the river and its banks, including ducks, herons and some inquisitive cows! The pupils all played their part in conducting a river survey and the highlight for many was the boat ride.

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