YEAR 6 King’s Ely Junior pupils visited Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Peterborough on November 23rd as part of their studies on Sikhism.

Head of Religious Studies at King’s Ely Junior, Linda Hill, said: “During the talk, our students were able to display their understanding of the subject by answering questions and telling the stories of the Sikh faith they had learnt in school.

“After a session in the museum where they learnt more about Sikhs, we went up to the worship hall where a lady was reading from their holy book. The day we visited was a special day for them as it was Guru Nanuk’s birthday. During the day, people take it in turns to read through the whole book aloud, in two hour slots. The children found it strange to hear this language read in a half read, half sung style.

“After this we went to the Langer (the free kitchen) where they experienced the shared lunch with others in the community. Many enjoyed tasting the Indian food, curry, naan and rice pudding while some went for the safe option of pasta! The students’ knowledge was impressive, as was their behaviour. They really were a credit to the school.”

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