YEAR 7 King’s Ely Junior pupils descended at Ely Cathedral on January 21st to discover more about medieval pilgrimages, the life of a medieval monk and Hereward’s rebellion in Ely, all as part of their current History topics.

Edward Davis, Head of History at King’s Ely Junior, said: “In the first activity, pupils had the opportunity to dress up as medieval pilgrims and we discussed the motives for the various pilgrims, what a pilgrimage was like and what they wore. The activity finished with a procession to the site of the shrine of St Etheldreda in the cathedral.

“The second activity was an opportunity to learn about life in the Benedictine monastery of Ely. Students acted out the daily routine of eight church services, chapter meetings, meals and work. They also learnt about the philanthropic work of the monks, the distribution of alms and the use of herbs in the monastic infirmary.

“The final activity was an opportunity for our pupils to learn about the defence of the Isle of Ely by Hereward the Wake. They questioned Hereward, Abbot Thurston and King William I about Hereward’s rebellion in the East and the Norman conquest of England. In the end they had to decide whose side they would have been on.

“Although the weather was cold, this was a very interesting morning in the cathedral and the pupils all learnt a lot from the experience.”

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