KING’S Ely Junior had a special visitor last week – Emilie Boguet, a teacher from one of our eTwinning schools, Lucette Sallé.

King’s Ely Junior has been working with pupils and staff at Lucette Sallé for around three years now and Emilie was invited to Ely by Lorraine Oldham, our Key Stage 2 Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Coordinator.

Emilie teaches 10 to 11-year-old pupils in her school. Her class level is CM2, which is the equivalent of Year 5 to 6 in the UK. She teaches all subjects, including English every day.

Speaking about her time at King’s Ely Junior this week, Emilie said: “King’s Ely is a fantastic school! All of the staff and pupils are so nice and helpful. If I had to say only one thing about King’s Ely, it would be the teachers’ attitude towards their pupils, focusing on the positive and encouraging every child at all times. Every child is respected as an individual and always encouraged to do their best. Nobody will judge them for their mistakes. I think it is definitely the best way of teaching.”

When asked in which ways Lucette Sallé is similar and/or different to King’s Ely, Emilie said: “The pupils are very similar. They are all different individuals but willing to work and do their best. In France, we don’t wear uniforms and our schools are much smaller with less teachers. Our days are also longer but our pupils in primary school study only four days a week. They have Wednesdays free.”

When asked about the benefits of schools taking part in eTwinning projects, Emilie said: “eTwinning is a great opportunity for pupils in all countries. It is a fantastic way for children to learn languages and other subjects as it helps to motivate and stimulate them. It also allows them to work on different tasks leading to a common ambitious project, shared by different countries. Most of all, it gives our pupils the opportunity to speak directly with native children of their age and learn about different cultures using Skype, the Internet and of course exchanging letters.”

We loved having you with us Emilie!

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