King’s Ely Junior (KEJ) has been awarded an ‘Eco Charter’ certificate in recognition of students’ and staff’s dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and improving biodiversity around school!

Five members of KEJ’s Eco Committee – Amy, Evander, Issy, Freya, and Lorelei – were presented with the certificate at an eco-tastic awards event, which was held at Anglia Ruskin University (Peterborough), and organised by PECT – Creating Sustainable Places. The children attended with Mrs Inskip and Mrs Melville.

The event saw schools from across the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire region coming together to take part in different practical hands-on activities, all designed to inspire new ideas and projects to take back to school with them.

Our fabulous five-some created a display board celebrating their wildlife garden ideas, which includes bee and bug hotels, nature ponds, and bird boxes. The children presented their ideas to local businesses and the Mayor of Peterborough, with enthusiasm and confidence.

Also, have you seen the new benches near the Sports Hall and Tennis Courts? These might look like wooden structures, but they are actually made from hundreds of recycled plastic milk bottles!

There are three new benches – one has been funded by the Old Eleans’ Club and the other two have been paid for by the school. The benches have been purchased in memory of Queen Elizabeth II, and to commemorate the Coronation of King Charles III.

Members of the KEJ Eco Committee joined forces with Mrs Inskip, who leads the committee, our Principal; John Attwater, Chief Operating Officer; Mark Hart, and Honorary Secretary of the Old Eleans’ Club; Rosie Holliday, to officially ‘open’ the new benches, which we hope members of our school community will enjoy and make use of for many years to come.

The KEJ Eco Committee meets every Friday lunchtime at 12.30pm. If your child would like to get involved, tell them to have a word with Mrs Inskip!

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