A MIX of King’s Ely’s Level 1, 2 and 3 climbers headed to the Peak District at the weekend.

A stunning day weather-wise at Windgather Rocks on the Saturday saw Level 1 climbers transitioning into Level 2, some Level 2 students getting to grips with gear placements and the belay anchor system, and those on Level 3 getting on the sharp end to take their first few lead climbs.

Cold and damp conditions on the Sunday meant the club went indoors to the National Performance Centre of Awesome Walls in Sheffield. There were some more first leads for the Level 2 students and some tougher leads for the Level 3 climbers – pitching themselves against their first 7a climb.

Well done to all the climbers – James Schoenberg, Henry Burbridge, Mikey Turner, Rhys Philips, Jamie Layfield, Henry Rintoul and Alex Layfield.

The Climbing Club is part of the Ely Scheme at King’s Ely, which offers boundless opportunities for pupils to explore and learn through outdoor education. A comprehensive and progressive programme of outdoor activities running from Year 9 is the lead-in to greater adventures on the rock face, rivers and mountains.

Outdoor education at King’s Ely offers pupils the chance to learn self-reliance, teamwork, creative thinking and a determined attitude to all tasks in life. Our unique programme is facilitated by specially selected and trained pupil instructors who deliver our activities and learn to become exceptional leaders.

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