THE penultimate King’s Ely Senior Bouldering Squad Competition took place at Boulder Brighton Climbing Centre on December 8th, forming Round 2 of the Blokfest League and the fourth competition for this season.

Director of Outdoor Education at King’s Ely Senior, Sophie Cheng, said: “The centre was packed and crowded with a buzzing atmosphere, and once again a set of fantastic problems created by the Blokfest team.

“The boys displayed great aptitude at adapting to the routes, and have come a long way in their dynamic movement skills over the past few months. The Arcteryx Picadilly showcase problem really highlighted how well the boys can watch and learn from other climbers as they threw themselves up the climb.

“Well done to the squad members for some impressive scores on a hard set – Tom Biggs 140 points, Ben Biggs 145 points and Rhys Phillips 105 points.

“We’re looking forward to having the squad back together again for the final competition of this term – taking place at Highball Climbing Norwich on December 14th.”

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