A TRIP to Cambridge University Botanic Garden proved to be fruitful – in more ways than one – for pupils at King’s Ely Acremont.

Year 1 pupils enjoyed a wonderful visit to the heritage-listed, world-famous gardens on October 3rd as part of their term’s theme on ‘How does our garden grow?’

Dressed in their distinctive King’s Ely tracksuits, the children were in their element exploring the gardens, which looked stunning in the autumn sunshine. They went on an exhilarating nature trail, observing and collecting all the interesting leaves, fruits and seeds that they could find – the majority of which could not be found in the average British garden!

The pupils and staff were also able to investigate the glasshouses where tropical plants and flowers, including banana trees are grown, enabling the curious children to learn more about the journey that many fruits make from the islands to our supermarkets and kitchens.

New terms at King’s Ely Acremont always start with a ‘wow’ day to introduce a new topic: a stimulation that inspires curiosity and fires a child’s natural interest and enthusiasm. Learning is brought to life throughout the term with the help of hands-on experiences, visits from experts and exciting trips. As a result, our pupils develop learning habits which stick with them throughout their King’s Ely journey, taking great pride in their achievements along the way.

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