Happy European Day of Languages!

From Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) lessons with a twist to Flamenco dance workshops, and cultural quizzes to European food tasting sessions, so much is happening at King’s Ely Prep and King’s Ely Senior this week to mark the annual campaign, which is officially today (Tuesday 26th September).

However, children and staff at Acremont Nursery and Pre-Prep celebrated European Day of Languages a day early (Monday 25th September), with a feast of age-appropriate languages learning and fun!

At Nursery, the children practised their French, they learnt ‘hello’ in a variety of European languages, and they sang along to lots of well-known early years songs with their Practitioners in different languages.

At Pre-Prep, the celebrations were mainly organised by Ms Bryan and Mr Hart. There was a languages and cultures-themed assembly, and each Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 class was given a different language to focus on throughout the day, learning key words and phrases. The children also each brought an artefact or souvenir into school which represented their family’s cultural background, or a favourite place they have visited, which they then shared with their classmates.

The children also completed a ‘language passport’ to share with their friends. Languages spoken by children at Acremont include Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Thai, Yoruba and Urdu, to name just a few, so they were not just exploring and celebrating European languages. The colourful ‘Languages Photo Booth’ outdoors in The Round House, complete with flags and props, also went down a storm.

Children from Nursery 1 through to Year 2 already learn French each week with Ms Bryan, but yesterday was a fabulous way for them to celebrate the importance of the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, and the community at our Nursery and Pre-Prep!

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