A GROUP of King’s Ely International Year 10 and 11 Fine Art students spent a very productive day at the Curwen Print Study Centre near Cambridge on December 10th.

Head of Fine Art at King’s Ely Senior, Tom Ward, said: “Our students were certainly in good hands. Based on the work of Land artist, Andy Goldsworthy, pupils worked with the formal elements of line, form and shape to create their own interpretations.

“During the morning, everyone used the process called intaglio which involves cutting an incised line into an acetate surface with a sharp tool and then forcing the ink into the sunken areas. The prints made from the students’ ‘plates’ were inventive and experimental and often very messy!

“In the afternoon, the workshop was based on monoprinting, which is a form of printmaking that has images or lines that can only be made once, unlike intaglio. This proved to be a highly productive afternoon and it was a pleasure to see how engaged our students were with this activity. This was a great day out for everyone and we’ll certainly be returning to the Curwen Centre next year!”

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