KING’S Ely Sixth Form student, John-Oswald Crichton, is proud to be exhibiting two of his designs in the ‘For Worship & Glory II Exhibition’ at Ely Cathedral.

The eagerly-anticipated Royal School of Needlework exhibition opened at the Cathedral on January 27th, and our GCSE and A Level Fashion Design students are delighted to be showcasing their work alongside RSN designers.

John-Oswald, who is in Year 13 at King’s, said: “The first of my two garment designs had a concept rooted in sharp lines and structures found in our everyday lives wherever we look. This garment was completed during the 2021 lockdown, which really challenged me to reconsider my design, return to my inspiration and explore new forms of textiles. Lockdown led to me developing my use of stitching to create fringing on the skirt to give a more 3D element to the design to contrast against the form fitting torso, as this was a technique I could achieve at home.

“My garment design this year, whilst on the surface seems very contrasting from my previous piece, is very much a continuation of my textile ideas, with the use of stitching to create a flowing effect alongside other key elements, including beading and the use of heat transferring techniques to push my concepts to a more developed level. This design is inspired by mushrooms and the twisting fibres that they are made up of. It has been refreshing to be able to explore my creativity with this garment in the school’s Art Department, with all the resources at my disposal, having completed my previous design during lockdown.”

When asked how it feels to be able to showcase his work at the ‘For Worship and Glory II’ exhibition, John-Oswald said: “Being a part of exhibitions like this is a really rewarding experience as often the response you get is really positive. It is also super inspiring to have your designs alongside the work of highly skilled artists and experts from many different fields of design.”

John-Oswald, who joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 6, is studying Textiles, Mathematics and Biology for his A Levels. He hopes to study Fashion Design at the University of Leeds.

He said: “The possibilities when it comes to textile design are endless. One day you can be doing sketches, then the next day you can be doing embroidery. There are so many ideas to explore. The Art Department at King’s is amazing – our creativity is challenged and nurtured on a daily basis. The staff are all very responsive to our needs and make sure we all feel supported.”

‘For Worship & Glory II’ is running until March 13th. To book tickets for the exhibition or for more information, please visit:

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