KING’S Ely International students have been empowered to make a positive and meaningful impact on society thanks to a powerful and thought-provoking presentation by the charity Free the Children.

As part of their Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) course, the Year 10 International students took part in a workshop led by a representative from the charity, which endeavours to promote social responsibility by encouraging young people to try to create the world in which they want to live through community action and charity work.

After a fun icebreaker, which involved working as a team to untie themselves from a very long rope, the 14 students followed a leadership workshop where they reflected on the skills they could bring to an effective team. They were then asked to come up with ideas for charity projects within the community which they will later lead as part of their PSHE course.

“King’s Ely International places great emphasis on enabling students to feel part of the local community as well as the wider national community,” said Sarah Bellotti, Director of King’s Ely International, adding: “Free the Children embraces these values by empowering students to think of their own ideas about how they can achieve this.”

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