OUR Year 5-8 King’s Ely Junior pupils took part in House Cross Country before half term.

Well done to everyone for their sterling efforts and congratulations of course to the winners:

Year 5 winning girl: Ness Kerr (Queen Emma)
Year 5 winning boy: Alastair Wright (Goodwin)
Winning Year 5 Girls’ House: Queen Emma
Winning Year 5 Boys’ House: Queen Philippa

Year 6 winning girl: Odhran Grant (Queen Philippa)
Year 6 winning boy: Harry Green (Queen Philippa)
Winning Year 6 Girls’ House: Queen Philippa
Winning Year 6 Boys’ House: Goodwin

Year 7 winning girl: Martha Midwood (Queen Philippa)
Winning Year 7 Girls’ House: Saunders
Year 7 winning boy: Oliver Loveday (Saunders)
Winning Year 7 Boys’ House: Saunders

Year 8 winning girl: Lacey Holdaway (Saunders)
Winning Year 8 Girls’ House: Queen Philippa
Year 8 winning boy: Rowley Black (Queen Philippa)
Winning Year 8 Boys’ House: Saunders

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