OUR King’s Ely Junior pupils enjoyed some wonderful Science experiments last week – both in school and at home!

Year 4 investigated sound insulation by testing their home-made ‘ear defenders’. They set off an alarm and slowly walked away from the source of the sound until they could no longer hear it. Pupils did it once with their ear defenders and once without, and recorded the difference. They then used their findings to think about jobs that would need to use ear defenders to protect their ears.

Year 5 studied reversible and irreversible changes, and what better way to show a simple reversible change than to make Rice Krispie cakes. Not only did pupils get to witness Science in front of their eyes but they also got to eat the evidence!

Year 6 investigated air resistance by conducting an experiment using a paper spinner to see how the mass of the spinner and the length of the wings affected the time it took to fall to the ground.

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