Our Year 5 King’s Ely Prep pupils, teachers, and teaching assistants enjoyed a learning-filled and fun-packed Ancient Greek Day before half term!

The Morbey Hall was transformed into an Athenian Agora (marketplace) set in 490 BC for our all-day enrichment event with History Off The Page.

Dressed for the occasion, pupils took on typical roles which would have occurred in the agora at the time. They served as wax tablet makers, pottery painters, fresco painters, and jewellers.

As the children worked, news and rumours swirled through the agora about Persia invading Greece. Could the Persians be defeated? Was Athens safe?

The workshops climaxed with a Greek theatre in the afternoon, where pupils performed plays and dances, all whilst being served by slaves.

Days like this are a shining example of our creative approach to education. We seek to extend and enrich our pupils’ experiences wherever possible, which is why there are so many special trips, visits and opportunities on offer, all with the interest or capacity to deepen and broaden the children’s learning!

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