YEAR 1 King’s Ely Acremont pupils were able to learn all about the potato growing and harvesting process thanks to the generosity of the Latta family.

The children were amazed to see the potato harvester working in the field and they got to have a good look around the huge machine and learn all about how it works.

They then watched the grading machine sorting the potatoes into big ones – for chips – and small ones – for crisps. They were pleased to learn that the wonky potatoes are not wasted, but sold for cattle feed instead.

Year 1 Teacher, Mrs Lyall, said: “Our favourite machine packed the potatoes and sewed up the top of the sacks, before they were whisked off along a conveyor belt to make an enormous potato tower!

“In the afternoon, we followed up our visit with a crisp flavouring challenge, made with Latta potatoes of course! We felt like true Masterchefs as we selected our flavours to create some fabulous concoctions.”

Thank you very much for having us Mr and Mrs Latta!

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