THERE were thrills and spills at Priory House’s annual end of year Garden Party on June 24th.

The weather was glorious and lots of parents and members of staff were able to attend, and get into the spirit of the races and games of course!

Heads of House, Emily and Jimmy, were in charge of proceedings and did a fantastic job. Races included egg and spoon, three-legged and the ever-popular ‘poop the potato’!

Meghana and Kevin achieved the most points and chose an egg and spoon race to decide on the winner. Meghana came out triumphant. Certificates and thank yous were given out and the crowns were handed over to the new Heads of House for next year, Ellie and Midu.

Of course there was also ‘sponge the teacher’, a water balloon fight and a much-deserved swim in the pool!

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