Your full name:

Thomas Jackson

In which year group did you join King’s?

I joined Acremont Pre-Prep in Year One.

What A-Level subjects are you studying?

I am studying Product Design, Geography, and Business Studies.

What is your favourite subject and why?

Product Design – I have always loved creating objects and learning about building things.

What extra-curricular activities are you involved in at King’s?

I am Captain of the 1st XV Rugby Team, and this will be my third year playing for the squad. I am also involved in the school’s Football Teams and 1st Team Cricket. As well as Sport, I am involved with the Music Department, as I play the bass trombone for groups such as Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Brass Ensemble.

Describe King’s in three words:

Enjoyable, Challenging, Competitive.

Do you board at King’s? If so, what is the boarding experience like?

I have boarded for the last year. It is great to be with my friends, and I find it also really helps me to keep up with my school work.

How do you feel to have been appointed Head of School?

I am truly honoured to be given this role, as there are so many great people in our year group who could have easily been appointed.

What do you hope to achieve in your capacity as Head of School?

I would really like to further strengthen the bond between year groups, both within Houses and the whole school in general, and also create more healthy competition between the Houses. I believe this is a great thing to do amongst friends and to help students create new bonds.

What are your plans for after Sixth Form? Do you know what career you would like to pursue yet?

My plans are always changing, however I would like to go into an apprenticeship for agronomy. I have been brought up on a farm my whole life, and I would like to stay within the agricultural sector.

Hobbies/interests outside of school?

I play for Cambridge RUFC Colts and for Cambridgeshire County Rugby. I also work on my family farm at the weekends and during the holidays to help keep the family business thriving.

Any pets?

I have two Jack Russell dogs and some fish.

What is your favourite meal/food at King’s?

The classic fish and chips lunch in the Old Palace Refectory on a Friday!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation, so that I could go on holiday whenever I wanted.

Who is your hero?

Eddie Hall for overcoming his mental barriers.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment is of course getting the Head of School role. However, if I had to pick something else, it would have to be achieving the Rugby 1st Team Captaincy. There are many boys in the team who play at a high standard and who could have been Captain too – anyone from our second row vice captain to last year’s fall back, who is being transferred to centre next year while his blonde mullet grows better!

What was the last book you read?

The last book I read was an autobiography of Sam Warburton, called ‘Open Side’. This is a very interesting book on the tough life of a Rugby player, and how some of the greatest professionals have had many challenges in their lives.

What song are you most likely to sing at a karaoke?

I would sing the ‘Water Cycle Song’, as it is a favourite in my Geography class!

What is your favourite film?

My favourite film has to be ‘Top Gun’. I have watched this film more times than I can count!

Do you have any phobias or fears?

I have a fear of electricity because when I was younger I got electrocuted by sheep wire.

If you could share a meal with any four individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Jonny Wilkinson, Tom Cruise, Winston Churchill, and Kobe Bryant.

Name three things you would want with you if you were stranded on a desert island for a week:

I would want a nice bed as you have to have a lovely sleep! A Rugby ball to keep me entertained, and finally a cow (just because).

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