Phoebe Sutton is heading off to Durham University after getting the A-Level grades she needed this summer.

Phoebe, who joined King’s Ely Sixth Form in Year 12, will be studying Ancient History and Archaeology.

We had a quick catch-up with Phoebe to find out more about her King’s Ely experience, what her dream career is and more…

Phoebe, what A-Level grades did you achieve and in which subjects?

History – A*
English Literature – B
German – B

Did you do an EPQ? If so, what was your topic and grade?

EPQ Grade – A

My EPQ topic concerned gender and sexuality in Ancient Greece. Within my EPQ, I explored both Ancient Grecian art and sculptures which depicted women, in order to analyse the way in which femininity itself was represented at the time. Exploring an artistic side to my EPQ also allowed me to further understand the inherent attitudes towards women at the time: for example, the common depiction of the naked female form infers a celebration of female social freedom.
Contrastingly, I also explored ancient customs and society within Ancient Greece towards sexuality and gender. Here, I discovered their certain celebration of androgyny and gender non-conformity through their worship of Gods, such as Dionysus and Hermaphrodite, who were both depicted commonly as sexually free with a mix of masculinity and femininity.

Are you going to University? If so, where are you going to and when? If not, what are your plans?

I am excited to be going off to Durham University this year!

Which course are you studying?

I will be studying Ancient History and Archaeology, a course which focuses all aspects on both Ancient Greece and Rome and the history of the Ancient Mediterranean.

What is your dream career?

To become a successful art dealer! I have always had a fascination with the world of historical art, and I believe this is a career which both celebrates and explores that.

Describe King’s Ely in three words.

Safe, inclusive and motivating.

What will you miss most about King’s?

I will miss the undeniable sense of community. As someone who joined King’s at the beginning of Sixth Form, it was really daunting because I felt that everyone might have already developed friendship groups. However that strong sense of friendship throughout our year meant that I became comfortable very quickly and made great friends. King’s really does feel like one big family.

How well supported did you feel by the teachers and staff at King’s?

I felt hugely supported! Not only were staff amazing during the University application process but also for social things too! The fun I had during my Tutor Group sessions in the mornings made me feel like I could go to my Tutors about anything.

What extra-curricular activities did you get involved with at King’s?

I was involved in the inter-House Fen Brainage Competition, which was great and just like being on University Challenge! Being a Scholar, I also participated in many extra-curricular Cathedral Services, which was an amazing opportunity to have a unique responsibility which I had never had before.

What do you think makes King’s special/unique to other schools?

The unique traditions, such as the Scholars’ Hoop Trundle race at the end of term and the socials are definitely things I will never forget from my time at King’s. They made me feel like I could not have had this experience anywhere else. Opportunities like this make school life so much less daunting and more a time of adventure.

What advice would you give to a student who is joining King’s?

First of all, as someone who joined King’s at the beginning of Sixth Form, I would say get stuck in as soon as you join! The biggest fear for students joining a school later in their education journey is that they might be unable to make friends or feel comfortable quickly, but I would like to say that I have never been to a school with such a welcoming and comfortable feel as King’s. Also, ask for support when you need it! King’s definitely has a great support system, so never fear judgement when going to the teachers of staff for aid. You will feel so much better once you have asked!

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