A SPECIAL Enterprise Event was held at King’s Ely Senior on September 21st, which saw our Year 9 students brushing up on their entrepreneurial, leadership, communication and creative skills!

Working in groups of seven or eight, the pupils’ task was to launch their own chocolate company/brand. Apart from the Managing Director, students chose their own roles – Finance, Marketing, Sales, Brand and Advertising, Design, Purchasing and General Administration.

Each group had to decide on a company name, create a cost plan, think about the packaging and advertising of their chocolates, produce a finished product with their sales pitch, and then deliver their sales pitch and present their packaged chocolates in front of the whole room.

After much deliberation, our judges, Mr Houlston and Miss Briggs, announced ‘Chox Blox’ as being the winning company. This team was led by James Allen, with sterling support from Adam Ahmad, Noah Drew, Millie Hay, Winston Knight, Edward Millett, Emma Shepherd and Max Wade-Gledhill.

The event took place in the Hayward Theatre and was led by Toby Humphry, Head of Careers at King’s Ely, and Kathryn Coles, Director of KSC Careerwise Ltd.

Congratulations to Chox Blox for winning and well done to everyone involved!

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