A GROUP of Year 9 King’s Ely Senior students enjoyed an Ely Cathedral Octagon Tower Tour on January 10th.

As part of King’s Ely’s unique outdoor education programme, Ely Scheme, all Year 9 students will be given the opportunity to take a guided tour of the tower over the next eight weeks.

They will get to learn about the history and construction of the cathedral, as well as take in the amazing views.

From the high peaks of the Andes and Himalayas to the gushing torrents of the rivers in the Alps, the Ely Scheme offers boundless opportunities for pupils to explore and learn through outdoor education. A comprehensive and progressive programme of outdoor activities running throughout Year 9 is the lead-in to greater adventures on the rock face, rivers and mountains.

Outdoor education at King’s Ely offers pupils the chance to learn self-reliance, teamwork, creative thinking and a determined attitude to all tasks in life. Our unique programme is facilitated by specially selected and trained pupil instructors who deliver our activities and learn to become exceptional leaders.

The school also offers pupils the chance to undertake their Duke of Edinburgh Award at all three levels, and all of our clubs are run in line with national schemes, giving pupils a strong position to go forward for their National Governing Bodies (NGB) Leadership Awards.

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