FOUR weekends of the first half of the Summer Term have seen Year 9 King’s Ely Senior students – and staff – participating in the annual Ely Scheme Summer Stage Camps.

Based at Bradfield Combust Scout Camp near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, the camps enable students to sample 24 hours of expedition life and to learn lots of new outdoor skills, such as camping, fire lighting and shelter building.

Assistant Director of Outdoor Education at King’s Ely Senior, Martin Bray, said: “After pitching up their tents, the Year 9 teams completed a navigation challenge through the Suffolk countryside.

“On arrival back at camp, the students then prepared their own evening meals, followed by some serious messy tin cleaning. Once the sun had set, evening activities consisted of various wide games, before marshmallows around the camp fire.

“Well done to all Year 9s who took part and thank you to Toby Humphry, Helen Melville, Paul Lott, Helen Briggs, James Jackson, Katharine Wege, Dave Kittson, Jonny Herbert, Ben Smith, Sophie Thorpe, Wil Farhart, Mieke Hougaard and Millie Wickham for their assistance in running the Stage Camps. Thank you also to the Pupil Instructor team for all their superb input.”

From the high peaks of the Andes and Himalayas to the gushing torrents of the rivers in the Alps, Ely Scheme offers boundless opportunities for pupils to explore and learn through outdoor education. Outdoor education at King’s Ely offers students the chance to learn self-reliance, teamwork, creative thinking and a determined attitude to all tasks in life.

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