OUR chicks have hatched at King’s Ely Junior!

An incubator and 10 eggs, supplied by The Happy Chick Company, arrived at KEJ on Tuesday as we thought it would be a lovely way to enrich our Year 5 pupils’ current Science topic of life cycles.

Our ‘2022 Chick Cam’ went live on Wednesday afternoon. By 9am on Thursday the first chick had pipped its way out, much to the delight of numerous classes in Years 3-8 who were watching live during their form time, and at the time of writing this post, 9 out of the 10 eggs have hatched.

As you might expect, our new fluffy friends are the centre of attention – both with children and staff. The chicks are being cared for by a member of staff at their home over the weekend before returning to school on Monday morning.

We are so excited to watch and learn as the chicks develop. We are also delighted that all of the chicks have new homes lined up for when they leave the Junior School Hatchery!

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