BRIGHT sunshine shone over the Amherst Fields as the whole of King’s Ely Senior descended there for the annual House Athletics Championships.

This year’s championships took place on May 8th and, as ever, students were on top form.

Director of Sport at King’s Ely, Jim Thompson, said: “On a lovely sunny day, every race, jump and throwing event was well attended and contested, including a number of tight finishes. It was great to see so many athletes competing for their houses along with some competitive house spirit from students and staff!

“We ended the afternoon with the finals of the tug-of-war which was cheered on in front of a very vocal crowd, to make for a great atmosphere to finish the day.

“As you can see from the photos, a lot of fun was had and all in the right spirit. The support was fantastic throughout and well done to all who competed so well on the day. Many congratulations to the winning houses on their fantastic performances and a special thanks to all the staff who helped on the day.”

The results on the day were:

House Athletics Winners

Junior Girls – Torfrida
Junior Boys – School House
Senior Girls – Hill House
Senior Boys – School House

Tug of War Winners

Junior Girls – Withburga
Junior Boys – Osmond
Senior Girls – Hill House
Senior Boys – Hereward

Thanks to Sixth Form Photography student Ben Clubb for helping out with the photos on the day.

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