“I first attended King’s Ely Junior at the age of 11 and then I was a boarder of Hereward Hall in the Senior years.

“Having come from a very difficult home life, King’s Ely was my salvation. I was never the most academic student, but the school’s culture of winning and rewarding success gave me the confidence to excel. The well rounded nature of the extra curricular activities led me to become an athlete, a rugby player, a skier, a mountain adventurer and a river sports enthusiast.

“In my professional life, King’s Ely has given me the determination to follow whatever career path I’ve chosen – that currently being a recipe developer and baby food business owner. The years at King’s Ely will always be dear to me and I’ll miss them always.”

Mark is the founder of ‘for aisha’ baby food, pioneering exotic tastes for little ones.

Having spent over 20 years working in the food and drinks industry, Mark saw that many of the baby food brands were offering very similar recipes for little ones.

“I wanted to create exciting recipes that would taste fantastic and offer very different attributes to the very limited range of choices that were available.

“I love cooking Moroccan and Asian food in particular. I set out to visit other countries, bring home their ingredients and learn their cooking techniques. We’ve certainly achieved that and our new products push these adventurous boundaries even further. It’s great fun to be at the forefront of creating new tastes for our little ones.”

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