“We embarked on our King’s Ely journey in September 2021, when our sons, Łukasz (12) and Jan (10), joined as the Prep School’s first Day Choristers. The decision to enrol the boys at King’s was driven by the school’s thriving Music Department and the unique opportunity for a deep connection with Cathedral life, making it a transformative experience for our family.

“At first, we were a little apprehensive about transitioning from a state school environment to an independent school setting. However, our concerns were quickly alleviated, as we witnessed the seamless integration of academic excellence, the vibrant music education programme, and the supportive community at King’s.

“Choristership life has been an enriching experience for Łukasz and Jan. Beyond the public performances in Cathedral services and concerts, the discipline instilled through daily rehearsals has been invaluable. The boys have not only honed their musical talents but they have also learned to balance choir commitments with academic responsibilities, instrumental practice, and the joys of playing with friends.

“In the classroom, Łukasz and Jan have found a passion for subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and IT. The engaging teaching style and the school’s commitment to small class sizes allow for personalised attention, nurturing a love for learning. The interactive nature of the classes make complex concepts more accessible, fostering a curiosity that extends beyond the curriculum.

“Outside the classroom, the boys have relished numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, from book and modern language clubs to participating in concerts, recordings, and exciting choir tours. The supportive environment fostered by the school is allowing them to flourish, not just academically and musically, but also socially.

“The pastoral support at King’s has been exceptional, easing our family into the independent school community. The caring and dedicated staff have ensured that our boys feel not only academically supported but also emotionally nurtured.

“The breath-taking Cathedral and the School’s picturesque surroundings create an inspiring environment for our boys to learn and grow. The sense of tradition spanning hundreds of years has left a lasting impact on our family. Łukasz and Jan are not just students; they are part of a rich legacy, gaining a profound understanding of the value of hard work, self-discipline, and their role within a historic tradition.

“Our decision to choose King’s for Łukasz and Jan has proven to be transformative, providing a holistic education that extends far beyond the classroom. The Chorister experience, coupled with the outstanding academic and pastoral support, has exceeded our expectations and has set a strong foundation for our boys’ future endeavours.”

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