“Our daughter, Neha, joined the King’s Ely IGCSE programme as an American expat from a school in another European country. King’s Ely provided a nurturing environment of learning, while still challenging and setting expectations that motivated Neha to engage in extra-curricular activities, to work hard academically and to develop a self-awareness that would prepare her for the wider world.

“We have been impressed by the support and care she has received from her Housemistress and the quality of teaching across the school. Because we were not familiar with the UK system of A-Levels and a boarding school environment, we were grateful for the opportunities for easy access to teachers who were approachable, receptive and professional. Neha became Head of House, earned a Prefect title, developed life-long friendships with her peers, and rounded off her final year with A grades.

“Kings Ely’s philosophy of ‘enabling students to become what they have the capacity to be’ is displayed through its quality teaching, caring and talented staff and provision of a safe space for pursuit of challenges. For Neha, King’s Ely was truly home for three years.”

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