“OUR children’s education at King’s Ely began when we moved from the other side of the world in the height of summer, straight into the beginning of a wintry Lent Term.

“Starting part way through the academic year, into a new country, a new school and snow on the ground, was perhaps not the easiest way to begin. It is a testament to the teachers and pastoral care at King’s Ely that within weeks, we all – children and parents – felt completely at home.

“After four years at King’s Ely, with one child in his last year at King’s Ely Junior and one preparing for her GCSEs in King’s Ely Senior, that sense of belonging remains strong. It is one of the school’s great strengths, upon which everything else is built.

“Our children have thrived at King’s Ely, both academically and personally. The range of subjects, sport and music taught is excellent, whilst individual strengths are given opportunity for extension and development.

“The academic standards are high and the teachers have a robust dedication to their subjects; the musical culture is fantastic, both in its depth and breadth; and the opportunity to be involved in the Cathedral and its religious life is a profound benefit to all.

“We are delighted to say that the school has provided our children with a stable and balanced foundation to their education, and we are confident that they will leave school ready to achieve to their full potential at university and beyond.

“Our children bound out the door every morning full of enthusiasm, optimism and eagerness to learn. There is no better testimonial than that.”

Testimonial by King’s Ely parents, Mr and Mrs MacGillivray

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