“OUR daughter, Gracie, joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 6, almost three years ago now. She settled instantly and was made to feel very welcome – it was as if she had never been anywhere else.

“We chose King’s Ely because of the focus the school puts on developing the all-round character. Whilst the academics are of course extremely important, so too is developing confidence in an individual, allowing each child to explore their own personal strengths, and preparing them for the wider world.

“The benefits of Gracie joining King’s were clearly evident within the first year and it was all down to the teaching. The staff are so passionate and enthusiastic about the subjects they teach, and that in turn reflects on the children. An important part of the learning, we feel, is the discussion element in class. Rather than just being talked at, the children are given the opportunity to discuss the topics in depth with their teachers and peers. This helps them develop their ideas and understanding of the subjects immensely.

“Gracie believes in her abilities so much more and is growing in confidence by the day. She has a passion for English and foreign languages, and is very much a creative soul at heart. She moves into the Senior School in September and is really looking forward to exploring new subjects, such as Fashion and Textiles and Photography, where we believe she will thrive.

“The opportunities at King’s are endless and we feel there is something for everyone, no matter what your strengths and passions are. Every individual has something unique about them and the teachers are extremely good at pinpointing those aspects and working with the children to develop them to their full ability.

“As Gracie moves into King’s Ely Senior for Year 9, we are very excited that her brother, Will, is joining King’s Ely Junior in September. Will is sports mad and he cannot wait to get involved with the sporting activities that the school offers. We very much look forward to seeing how Will develops on his journey at King’s and watching the next chapter of Gracie’s development in the Senior School.”

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