TWO years ago, when we decided to leave Australia after thirteen years there, we came to England to visit various schools in a search for one that was right for both our daughter, Francesca, who was entering Sixth Form and our son, Raphael, who was entering Year 8.

We were looking for a school with a strong academic record while offering as many opportunities in the Music and Drama departments as possible. We also wanted a caring environment with a strong pastoral approach where our children would be happy and thrive.

After selecting and viewing several schools in the South East of England, we all agreed that King’s Ely offered everything we were looking for and both children were most insistent that this was “the one”. From the receptionist through to the Principal (not forgetting the “Hogwarts” library and Monastic Barn!) we could not have been more impressed with everyone and everything at the school.

In the year since we have been at King’s Ely, the school has more than fulfilled our expectations. Both children feel as if they have always been at King’s from their very first week.

Francesca’s talents and ambitions in contemporary Music and Drama have been both recognised and nurtured by King’s Ely and she has made the most of every performance opportunity the school has provided, including the lead role in the professional standard annual school musical.

Raphael has thrived academically and has discovered a passion for Rowing, earning full Rowing Colours in his first year. His teachers have been amazing at helping bridge gaps in his knowledge due to the curriculum differences between the UK and Australia.

Our children are doing very well in all areas of school life, but most important of all, they are really happy and are always keen to get up and off to school each day. One only knows with hindsight if the right decision has been made – was King’s Ely the right choice for us? Absolutely!

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