“Our decision to join King’s Ely came at the end of a long search for a school for our children. Originally, living on the outskirts of Cambridge, we viewed a number of schools in the city and had not considered King’s because it was in the opposite direction to our morning commute. On the suggestion of a work colleague, we visited King’s Ely Acremont and Nursery, and were immediately impressed with the environment.

“It was incredible to see very young children engaged in quite advanced concepts for their age in a fun and interactive way. We were struck by the universal enjoyment and enthusiasm that the children demonstrated as they were learning. This was very important to us, as our primary aim was to place our children in a supportive environment, to progress through the school and to achieve their full potential without any unnecessary pressure. We were so impressed with the school, staff and facilities that we moved home to just outside Ely.

“Our daughter, Olivia, joined in Nursery 2 and will be starting at King’s Ely Junior in September. She has developed wonderfully throughout her time at Acremont. Our son, Oscar, started at 10 months old and is very excited to join Acremont in September, and our youngest, Hugo, is close to joining Nursery.

“The teaching is both broad and tailored to the individual needs of the child, the support and feedback from the staff is very efficient, and the extracurricular experiences available create an environment so positive and exciting that our children at times want to stay all day! It is incredibly reassuring to know that our children attend a school where they are nurtured before they are taught. The desire of the staff to ensure the children are continually happy and comfortable while they are learning is quite remarkable. Every detail is considered. From the high-quality healthy food available to the smart but comfortable uniforms. The after-school clubs run until 6pm and combined with an available early drop-off, the school continually considers every need of parents who work long days.

“Moving the children to King’s Ely and consequently our home has been one of the best decisions we have made. The quality of life as a family is incredible and our children could not be happier.”

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