“BOTH my daughters, Sarah and Stella, joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 7 and settled quickly.

“They both joined King’s Voices and got fully involved in the musical life of the school, taking part in musical ensembles and the school musicals. In their respective years, both were fortunate to be selected as girl choristers, which at that time required them to board.

“Life as a girl chorister has been hugely rewarding and character building. They have both learned independence, resilience and how to work as a team. The confidence and skills that Sarah gained due to the opportunities that were available in the Senior School productions enabled her to go on to train in musical theatre in London.

“Similarly, Stella is about to start a degree in stage production and management following the opportunities she has had to be involved in the backstage management of the Senior School productions.

“King’s Ely has given both Sarah and Stella the chance to find their passions, and nurture those to help them on their chosen career paths. Above all, they have loved every minute of it!

“Thank you to all the staff who have played their part in their years at King’s.”

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