“WHEN my daughter graduated from Junior High School in Japan and said she wanted to then study in England, I thought it was a very good thing but the thought of a school life abroad was a little beyond our imagination.

“My daughter started out as a student at King’s Ely International in Year 10 in 2015. She is now in her final year (Year 13) in the Sixth Form. She has had a very fulfilling boarding life and an education that really values her individuality, so our anxiety about her being at a school overseas quickly disappeared.

“Unlike in Japan, an education in England is designed to focus on what each student wants to study, which we feel increases their motivation to learn. King’s Ely is of an appropriate size and has a management system that provides a really detailed response to the students, so my daughter can learn efficiently even though she is Japanese.

“My daughter has been interested in Drama since being in Japan, and she has had a lot of opportunities to pursue this at King’s Ely. In addition to the usual Drama lessons, the December production was an authentic show and was like being at a West End performance; we really enjoyed watching our daughter perform.

“I was a little worried about how it would be for us to receive and share school information with us living so far away from our daughter, but it has been very good indeed, with systems and technology like Portal, SNS etc. We are also relieved that there are good guardians and host families in Ely who provide meticulous service. The city of Ely itself with the cathedral is very beautiful, historic and safe. We like it every time we visit.

“My daughter has become friends not only with British students but also with people from many different countries. With a variety of fun events and extra-curricular activities, King’s Ely has made it easy for me to get along with others, and I think my daughter has been able to build a great network for her future.

“I have another daughter and I would like her to learn in this wonderful educational environment.”

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