“OUR son, Asher, started in Reception at King’s Ely Acremont in September 2018.

“Choosing a school for Asher was an incredibly important decision. Above all, we looked for a school in which Asher would be happy; our belief being that if he is happy, learning will naturally follow. Central to happiness is feeling comfortable in your environment and with those around you. Asher felt at home at King’s Ely Acremont extremely quickly thanks to the wonderful staff who have the time to get to know Asher as an individual, and also thanks to the setting with its beautiful outside space for play and learning.

“Also important to us were the diversity of opportunities that go beyond numeracy and literacy. In his first term, Asher has already been given a wealth of experiences including music, cookery, school trips to the fire station and to a medical centre, Spanish and Mandarin, a range of sports and art. It is far too early to know what Asher will go onto enjoy most, but the point now is that he is getting the chance to try so many things and all in a context that promotes kindness, fairness and respect for each other.

“Thirdly, we sought a school team that, from a parent’s perspective, were easily approachable and who would ensure we felt connected to Asher’s learning. From this perspective, King’s Ely has exceeded our expectations with helpful information evenings, use of communication books and interactive learning diaries and from being able to speak to the teacher informally with complete ease. The weekly newsletter is a joy to receive with its photographs of the children’s activities from the week, as well as helpful reminders.

“Family and friends have asked Asher countless times if he likes school and his response has been consistent: “I love my school”, reinforcing that we made the absolute right decision.”

Testimonial by King’s Ely Acremont parents, Mr and Mrs Randall

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