Nick Hatley is based in Colorado and leads one of the nationwide sales teams for Zoom.

“I started at King’s Ely when I joined Kindergarten at Acremont in 1987. I left King’s after Year 11 in 1999.

“I went on to the University of Surrey for a four-year BSc Degree in European Studies, French and Spanish. After University, I joined a company called WorldStrides, which is the USA’s largest provider of overseas educational travel opportunities for students. In 2006 I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to work in the WorldStrides office. I haven’t left the USA since!

“I am now at Zoom and live in Denver, Colorado with my three daughters (Poppy, Philippa, Fiona) and wife, Keegen. I lead one of the nationwide sales teams for Zoom, with a focus on the educational vertical. We provide the software and technology to schools and universities across the USA. Zoom’s product includes meetings, webinars and telephony. Needless to say it has been a crazy 12 months!

“I loved Languages at King’s and also Biology. My favourite teacher was Miss Mills in Biology in Senior School, and Mr Boothroyd in Junior School Maths. Mr Boothroyd was also the sports coach and made time to interact with me. I wasn’t seen as just another name on a roster but an individual. I truly appreciate his time for me, both in the classroom and on the pitch. I will never forget the time I saw new cricket helmets in the store cupboard and I asked him if they were for us. His reply was “No Nick, they’re for the square leg umpire when you’re bowling!”

“I played all sports on offer at King’s and love looking at the team photos at my parents’ house in Landbeach, Cambridge. I loved cricket, rowing and rugby (except when it was freezing cold in The Fens!). Some of my fondest memories are indeed playing sports and travelling to other schools to play matches. Also, the lunches at King’s were incredible – I will never forget the quality of offerings! I still reminisce with my friends about escapades at King’s. I really enjoyed field trips to France as well – getting out of my comfort zone and embracing foreign cultures.

“King’s taught me so much – I built a breadth of knowledge covering all subject areas. I gained confidence and worldliness because of my time at King’s. I was able to learn and be tutored, so I was never left behind. The curriculum encouraged me to be inquisitive, insightful and thoughtful. King’s created a foundation for me to build upon and I am forever grateful for the patience, guidance and caring nature of the teachers throughout. I felt safe and guided on my entire journey.”

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