“I joined King’s Ely as a weekly boarder, aged 11, and greatly enjoyed boarding in Priory House through to Hereward Hall in the Senior School.

“King’s without a doubt played an important role in building my skills, knowledge and confidence that have shaped how I run my own fine jewellery company today.

“When I left King’s to study Jewellery Design at Loughborough University I soon realised that I had a much better understanding of manufacturing and creating than most other students on my course.

“Shortly after I finished university, I set up Veale Fine Jewellery. I create a selection of stone set jewellery, mostly working with diamonds and precious metals. The majority of my pieces are bespoke, either created from stones that I source or through re-working old jewels into new designs.

“I use a combination of the latest technology and traditional craft to create truly personal, high end, quality pieces. My work has been recognised and I’ve been labelled by Professional Jeweller magazine as one of their ‘Rising Stars’. As well as my own client work, I work in collaboration with one of the largest luxury jewellers in the country, helping them create new award-winning engagement ring collections.

“I put much of where I am now down to the nurturing and guidance that I received at King’s and the staff’s ability to bring out the best of each pupil’s talents. If you find something you love and you’re good at, King’s enables you to thrive.

“At King’s I also spent a lot of my time making the most of the amazing Ely Scheme. I was head of the scheme for two years running and had the chance to travel and climb all over the world – from ice climbing in Norway to bouldering in France and mountaineering in the Alps. These are memories that will stay with me for life.”

Check out James’ jewellery website here: https://bit.ly/2Wqcd60

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