Old Elean, Cassandra Hone, is a fashion designer specialising in luxury womenswear and striking prints – https://www.cassandrahone.com/

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” This quote from the founder of my former company, Gianni Versace, touches on some of the enduring lessons I learnt from my time at King’s Ely, a place where you are encouraged to be yourself and create your own path. The fondest and most memorable years of my student life came during my time at King’s; I was there for five great years, joining as a Year 7 student in 2002.

“After King’s, I did my A Level studies in Cambridge and then went on to Bath Spa University, studying towards a BA Honours degree in Fashion Design. I had always chased a career in design from a young age, hoarding books on the designers I looked up to. I enjoyed most of my classes at King’s and spent a lot of time in the impressive Junior School Art Block. The passionate teaching from Jeanie Schaniel was already advanced, challenging and encouraging and I was awarded my own art easel along with a couple of others that get granted each year. Once moving to Senior School, I could focus and specialise more within Fashion. Guidance from Teacher, Alison Rhodes, who I think has been at King’s for 19 years now, provides students with an unparalleled artistic confidence in design.

“Straight after graduating from University, I went to London to intern for some of the biggest luxury fashion houses in the industry. I then got hired as womenswear designer for the Versace group, designing directly with the Versace family members in London and Milan, with frequent travel to Paris and New York. My most recent role has been the Senior Designer for luxury fashion house, Osman London. Alongside the intensity of designing for others within high end fashion, I have also been building my own women’s fashion brand. I launched my first silk scarf collection at London Fashion Week (LFW) in 2018 and have just presented my most recent womenswear collection at LFW this season. We concentrate on sustainable values and top quality craftsmanship. Building a fashion brand is tough but we have been lucky enough to appear in world famous fashion publications, such as British Vogue, and are being stocked in luxury boutiques abroad. This is just the beginning for Cassandra Hone and I am expanding the collections as we look into the future.

“King’s Ely is a well-rounded school for academics, sports and creatives. My group of friends from school are still my best friends in life today and I believe the best quality I received from my time at King’s is confidence. The school really encourages personality and creativity.”

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