Daniel Grapes, 16, from near Thetford, Norfolk, pictured right.

What GCSE results did you achieve?

English Language – Grade 7
English Literature – Grade 8
French –  Grade 7
German – Grade 6
History – Grade 9
Maths – Grade 9
Further Maths – Grade A
Religious Studies – Grade 7
Biology – Grade 9
Chemistry – Grade 8
Physics – Grade 8

Which year group did you join King’s Ely?

I joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 4.

What extra-curricular activities do you enjoy most here?

I enjoy all the major sports at King’s Ely, including Rugby, Football and Cricket, and playing in all the school teams. I also enjoy doing extra sports such as Swimming.

How do you feel King’s Ely and your teachers have helped you to get good grades?

For the majority of my subjects I felt the lessons were always helpful in leading me towards good grades. I also felt that in the build up to the exams, revision periods were put on by teachers and after school sessions such as Physics support helped me go through the syllabus and get a better understanding of the subject. In History, I went through the textbooks and made photo cards on each section with the teacher, which really helped me understand the topics.

What A Levels are you studying and what are your future career ambitions?

For my A Levels, I will be studying Further Maths, Physics, History and French. I’m still undecided on what my future career is to be, therefore I’ve kept my options open with a balanced choice of A Level subjects.

Why King’s Ely Sixth Form? What are the main reasons you want to stay?

The reasons I want to stay on at King’s Ely for Sixth Form are that I’ve been at King’s Ely for many years and have enjoyed school life, so I feel comfortable staying here. I enjoy the sport offered at King’s Ely and wish to continue the training and games which are on offer. I also believe that by staying at the Sixth Form, I will continue to receive support from my teachers in my subjects, which in the past has helped me to succeed. I have confidence that the departments at King’s Ely have the experience to lead to my success at A Level. Also, many of my friends are staying on for Sixth Form and I would like to continue school with them.

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