University of Cambridge Professor, Dr Christopher Briggs, visited King’s this week to deliver our first Round Table Lecture Society talk of 2023.

Dr Briggs, who is an Associate Professor in Medieval British Social and Economic History, spoke to students and staff about ‘Edward III in the Octagon, Ely?’ after school on January 25th.

A Fellow of Selwyn College Cambridge, Dr Briggs discussed key events of Edward III’s early reign; gave an insight into how this topic is taught to third year undergraduate students; and he also explored how this period compared to the more socio-economically unsettled years, both immediately before and afterwards. Dr Briggs very kindly answered lots of interesting questions from students after the lecture too.

Our Round Table Lecture Society was launched in 2021 to provide a series of after school academic extension lectures for Senior students to attend in both the Michaelmas and Lent Terms. The lectures are a shining example of our extensive co-curricular and enrichment programme for pupils from Acremont Pre-Prep through to Sixth Form.

The final Round Table Society lecture of the Michaelmas Term was entitled ‘The Life and Legacy of Rosalind Franklin in three chapters – Biology, Chemistry and Physics’. This was given by our Head of Physics, Mr Kittoe; Head of Biology, Miss Smyth; and Head of Chemistry, Dr Ost.

Our next lecture will be on Wednesday 8th February, when Dr Nicholas Thistlethwaite will discuss ‘Before the BBC: Musical Entertainment in Victorian and Edwardian Britain’.

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