EVERY school day is an enriching experience when you are a pupil at King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep. But it is on Friday afternoons, thanks to Acremont’s extensive Enrichment Programme, that new areas of learning and creativity are really amplified!

These photos were taken during Mrs Black’s enrichment session on May 6th, where the children were discovering more about the environment and how to attract bees and other insects to their gardens, both at school and at home. Pupils sat in the shade of the Silver Birch trees as Mrs Black read ‘Save the Bees’, written by Bethany Stahl, to them and discussed the importance of bee and insect-friendly plants.

Committed to recycling as much wastepaper as they can, the group then made some recycled, eco-friendly seed paper. To do this, Mrs Black and Miss Cullum showed the children how to tear wastepaper into thin strips and then soak them in water. It was then broken down into a pulp which was lovely and squelchy when the children held it in their hands! The group mixed a dessert spoon of wildflower seeds into the pulp and then used a ‘deckle and mould’ to form the new sheet of seeded paper.

The children also made cards and wrote some lovely messages to friends and family members, many of which incorporated the bee and nature theme. Pupils are buzzing (!!) to see their wildflowers grow once their paper has been planted…

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