OUR Head Boy this year is Ben Marshall, who has been a student at King’s Ely since joining Year 5.

Now in Year 13, Ben is studying Geography, Maths and Politics for his A Levels. He said: “It’s been a really interesting mix of subjects to study so far, with quite a lot of overlap between them, particularly with Geography and Politics. With current situations we’ve experienced recently, the importance of the subjects I’m studying has really been evident which has made me even happier about the choices I made.”

When asked what extra-curricular activities he is involved with in school, Ben said: “Sport is my main area of involvement outside the classroom. I’ve been able to represent King’s at Football, Cricket and Athletics in particular, and have really tried to make the most of the sporting opportunities on offer here. Being able to be part of a team environment and having success as a team has been very rewarding and something I’m really looking forward to in my final year.”

When asked what he is most looking forward to about being Head of School, Ben commented: “Throughout my time at King’s, I’ve always massively looked up to the Heads of School as examples of what I’d like to be like when I get to that stage of school. Having the chance to be in the position now and hopefully being an example to younger students like previous Heads of School were to me is something that means a lot to me. On top of this, the opportunity to represent the school is very special and something that I’m really looking forward to, be that in formal events or around the school day to day.”

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